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Compress image in android programmatically

In this time phone camera comes with high resolution, so it takes more memory. Normally an image size exceed 2MB. This is very high for slow network. Downloading and uploading this image takes too much time, so it requires to be compressed. So that we have following class to compress image. Just initialise class and […]


Android multi-language support

In this article we are going to build multi-language supported app. We are going to support Gujarati language strings in our android application. How String localisation works: By default android considers English as primary language and loads the string from res->values->strings.xml. When you want to support another  language, you need to create a values folder by appending […]


Use font-awesome for Icon in android

Use font-awesome for Icon in android Here is steps to how to use font-awesome fonts in Android : Download font-awesome from here Create assets folder in app/src/main directory. Now create fonts folder in assets folder You can use it in two ways… either create Custom class which extends TextView or Manually get instance of TextView in Activity and then set font. To choose […]


Lock own app functionality for android

The simple demo to create lock screen activity for your android app: Create one activity which ask for password or pin. It is may be like Create MyApplication class which  extends Application class. Set application name in Manifest.xmlandroid:name=”.MyApplication” ………> Now you need two static variable in MyApplication file. public static boolean locked; private static long […]


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