Interest Book

Interest Book by Rudra Enterprise (Made in India) A digital book to manage all loans and installments. Never forgot loan progress. This is a khata

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android runtime permissions

This is important and most common now in android development, because every feature which is critical to use for user, you must ask user to allow access for it

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Foreground Service in Android

Foreground Service is important that user must know, what is happening in his device. He should aware about background processes. So, google decide that if you are using any resource in background you must tell user that we are running in background.

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Android – Implement Onesignal (Alternative for firebase)

Onesignal is one of the best alternative for firebase push notification. It is easy to use, free for push notification, however it has 30K limit for subscribers. Onesignal almost support all kind of operating systems.It has 860K+ users, who are currenlty using onesignal. For more you can visit its official site.

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