FileUriExposedException explanation

Solve "exposed beyond app through Intent.getData(), null, android.os.FileUriExposedException" problem in android

 Here we are going to check what is FileUriExposedException and when it is thrown ?

Here is another good tutorial from my app Interest Book. I was working on feature which creates PDF and save into app’s private directory.

So, If you have developed app which works on Android 24+ , you may have encountered this problem.

When FileUriExposedException Throws ?

Well, when an app shares any file with url “file://Uri” in an intent broadcast, it is too dangerous to share location of the file with this plain format. So here Android introduces FileProvider.


We need to use FileProvider to fix this issue. We have another demo ready to fix this issue.

Please visit how to implement FileProvider in android.


You can request custom demo from contact section we will happy to write it for you.


Thank you.

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