android_800_thumb800 Difference between preview size and picture size of android camera
  • Picture size This is the size of the image produced when you tell the camera to take a photo. If it is the same aspect ratio as the native resolution then it will be directly scaled from that. If the aspect ratio is different then it will be cropped from the native size. In my experience, the largest size returned by getSupportedPictureSizes is the native resolution of the camera.
  • Preview size This is the size of the image preview that is shown on-screen. It may be a different aspect ratio than either the native size or the picture size, causing further cropping. To get the closest match between what you see on screen and the image that is produced when you take a photo try to select a preview size with an aspect ratio as close as possible to the aspect ratio of the picture size that you’ve selected. I generally try to get both as close as possible to the native size.

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